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I and the Bird #50: A blog around the clock

The latest edition of I and the bird #50 has just been posted.

Plenty of links to some amazing birding blogs.

Here is the link:

Give yourself a few hours of entertaining reading.

Happy bird surfing.

Birds in the News #85

The latest edition of Birds in the News has been posted. It contains links to stories about birds featured in the news from all over the world.


Good bird photo site: Canberra Ornithologists Group

There are some wonderful bird photographers who are prepared to show off their photos to the world. One such group of photographers is the Canberra Ornithologists Group (COG) in our nation’s capital city.

It is well worth a visit.


Crested Pigeon

Crested Pigeon

Just one of many hundreds of photos in my gallery.

Click on the photo to enlarge the image.

As Free as a Bird

This week’s idiom: As free as a bird.

Most birds are free to go where they please. Unless they are in a cage or aviary, in which case they are not as free as a bird.


If someone is said to “be as free as a bird” they are able to go wherever they please without any restrictions or worries.


When Jenny left home and travelled through Europe without her parents, she was as free as a bird.

King Parrot at Adelaide Zoo

King Parrot at Adelaide Zoo

The bird shown in the photo above is not as free as a bird. The photo was taken inside a walk through aviary at the Adelaide Zoo, South Australia. King Parrots are found as free as a bird in the forests and woodlands of eastern Australia.

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Shorebirds of NSW

The latest Shorebird Newsletter (March 2007) is now available to download as a pdf file. This newsletter is published by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. It covers shorebirds of NSW and includes colour photos of some of the birds featured in the newsletter.