How to be a Birder – some hints

I have written a series of 20 articles on how to be a birder. Each article goes through some of the basics of birding, what you need, where to go and so on. I hope that readers find these hints useful in the pursuit of this wonderful hobby called birding.

To access each article, click on the title that interests you and the link takes you to the original posting.

How to be a birder: Introduction

Hint 1: Observe

Hint 2: Listen

Hint 3: Buy the best binoculars you can afford.

Hint 4: Seek them out

Hint 5: Get a Field Guide

Hint 6: The General Appearance of a Bird

Hint 7: Write down what you see

Hint 8: Recording your bird sightings

Hint 9: Join a bird club

Hint 10: Go on excursions

Hint 11: Find a birding companion

Hint 12: Look at birding websites

Hint 13: Read birding blogs

Hint 14: Use a camera

Hint 15: Use a birding database on your computer

Hint 16: Collect birds on Stamps

Hint 17: Read books about birds

Hint 18: Read books about birders and birding

Hint 19: Join birding forums on the internet

Hint 20: Keep on birding – often

There you go – plenty of birding ideas to get you started. Just click on the article you want to read and the link will take you there.

Good birding.