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In this blog I will be writing about birds I see or photograph in my garden or in the Murray Bridge district of South Australia (80km SE of Adelaide). I will also write about the birds I see and photograph as I travel around Australia on holidays.

The Start of a Hobby
In July 2004 I retired from primary school teaching after 35 years. (Update: in 2012 I started lecturing part-time at Tabor Adelaide.) I have been interested in bird watching since October 1977. I was camping with my family at Chambers Gorge in the Flinders Ranges in northern South Australia. There were a few rock pools and the creek was running in a few places. This is typical of many gorges in these ranges. They only run strongly after heavy rain which may only happen several times every few years, and then only for a few hours.

How I became a Birder
I was fascinated that there were Yellow Billed Spoonbills, Little Pied and Little Black Cormorants, Black Tailed Native Hens, Dusky Moorhens, White Necked Herons and Black Fronted Dotterals in the gorge. I was amazed that these species were found so far into the arid outback. This set me on a lifelong love of an interest in birds. I made a list of the species seen that weekend and this was the start of many lists.

The Digital Age
Since then I have kept lists of birds seen. In the 1990s these lists migrated from notebooks to a computer database. Now my sightings are appearing on the internet. Later, I bought a digital camera. This has brought a new element to my birding. Problem is – now I tote around not only binoculars and notebook, but also a GPS and digital camera, not forgetting the essential field guide. Oh – I forgot the telescope I bought a few years ago.
Trevor Hampel

Murray Bridge, South Australia.

Guest Speaker: over recent months I have been asked by various groups to be a guest speaker. I have a growing collection of bird photos that I am more than happy to share with an audience. I am willing to speak to schools, clubs, church groups and other organizations. I also have an excellent collection of photos of a trek in the Everest region of Nepal, and I am willing to speak on that topic as well. Update: I have also added a large collection of photos taken on a recent trip to Ethiopia, Morocco and Spain.

I am willing to travel up to several hours from my home in Murray Bridge, South Australia. Please use my email contact form to put your request to me.

I’m even willing to fly interstate – if a ticket is provided!

And overseas??? Make me an offer!

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