Red-winged Parrot

Red-winged Parrot (male) in aviary, Pinnaroo

Red-winged Parrot (male) in aviary, Pinnaroo

I have never seen this beautiful species in the wild. The Red-winged Parrot is certainly one parrot on my “must see” list. The major reason for never having seen one in the natural environment is that its normal distribution covers large parts of northern Australia, most of Queensland and parts of NSW, areas I have yet to visit. That needs to be corrected in the near future.

This bird, a male, with a female behind it in the photo, was photographed in an aviary next to the Pinnaroo Caravan Park in eastern South Australia. I had trouble taking the photo because of the wire netting making up the aviary, so I’m pleased it turned out quite nicely.

The Red-winged Parrot is widespread throughout its range. Its preferred habitat includes grassy woodlands, timbered watercourses, dry scrubs and sometimes mangroves. It feeds in the foliage of trees on blossoms, on seeds and insects. It will sometimes feed on seeds on the ground. It nests in a tree hollow, often near water.

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