I and the Bird #100

The very popular bird carnival I and the Bird has reached a very significant milestone – its 100th edition. I was too busy to add a contribution this time around.

Not to worry – about 80 other blogging birders – or should that be birding bloggers – whatever – have contributed to this round of the carnival. That makes plenty of links to interesting articles about, and photos of, birds from all over the world.

Link: I and the Bird #100

New Holland Honeyeater

New Holland Honeyeater

Meanwhile, back home here I recently took this photo of a New Holland Honeyeater taking advantage of the last rays of the sun one evening. This photo has nothing to do with I and the Bird.

Making connections between humans and nature

In these hurried and hectic times it is important for humans to, once again, get connected to nature.  What better way to relax and enjoy the world than to witness the natural behavior of the animals around us unfold before our very eyes.
Birdwatching allows us all to get closer to wild nature in our own backyards and everywhere else on the planet.  As you will see from this inspiring collection of thoughts, images and experiences, anyone can reconnect with nature anytime, anywhere.  Just let your spirit soar!
Larry Jordan

I agree with Larry Jordan, host of this week’s I and the Bird #94. Here we have a fantastic collection of links to birding blogs from all over the globe. It’s like going on a birding holiday – without the expense nor the hassles of wasting hours in airports.

Larry’s blog – A Birder’s Report – is a bird lover’s delight, complete with wonderful photos of the birds he sees.

I and the bird #93

It has been too long since my last contribution to the I and the Bird carnival.

At long last I managed to scrape in a link to the latest carnival over at Vickie Henderson Art. Her compilation of wonderful posts about birds from all over the world is called The Compelling Nature of Birds.

Go on – go on over there and have a read.

I’ll wait patiently here for you to return.