Figbird, Adelaide Zoo

Figbird (female), Adelaide Zoo

The Adelaide Zoo has a very strong collection of Australian birds, including some that are rare and endangered. It also includes a number of species I have yet to see in their natural environment. Observing these birds in the zoo’s aviaries is a good way to become familiar with these birds before heading out to see them. The two walk-through aviaries are also a great opportunity to hone my photographic skills. Being able to get close to the birds is a great advantage.

One species in the collection which I have yet to add to my Australian list is the Figbird. There are two races: the Green Figbird (shown here) and the Yellow Figbird. It is a bird of the rainforests and woodlands in northern and eastern Australia where it is common. It also occurs in PNG and Indonesia. Its preferred food is fruit, hence the name.

The top photo is a close-up of a female who later sat on her nest – shown in the photo below. The third photo is a very poor, out of focus shot of the male. I only include it to show the difference in plumage colours between the male and the female. Next time I walk through that aviary I will try to get a photo which is in focus.

Further reading:

Figbird (female) on nest, Adelaide Zoo

Poor photo of a male Figbird, Adelaide Zoo