Colombian National Bird

This blog is about Australian Birds found in the natural environment. You wouldn’t believe the number of requests I get for advice on how to look after birds, and about caring for caged birds.

But I digress.

At the moment my family is focused very much on the South American country of Colombia.  This is because our son and daughter in law are there to meet their Columbian son whom they are adopting. It is an exciting time for us; our first grand child.

Yesterday, when looking for something else – as you do – I found a reference to the Colombian National Bird. I didn’t realise that the Andean Condor was their national bird. Good choice – such a magnificent bird and truly one that is worthy of national bird status.

The bird also features on the Coat of Arms of Colombia.

National birds from around the world

Ever wondered what the national bird of Nepal is? Or the national bird of Chile?

Wonder no more.

Someone has made a long list on Wikipedia of all the countries that have a national bird. It also has a list of the official birds of some states or territories of some countries.

Link: A list of National Birds

By the way, the national bird of Nepal is the Himalayan Monal, a large pheasant found in the mountainous regions. This is one species I was pleased to see on my trip to the area in 2006. You can read about it here and here.