Lapwings and lunch by the lake at Lameroo

2007 New South Wales Trip Report #2

Lunch at Lameroo:

On quite a number of occasions we have pulled into a lovely park on the eastern edge of the mallee town of Lameroo for lunch or a cuppa. This park has a small artificial lake called Lake Roberts. This time we arrived in perfect time for lunch. As we drove through the town I saw Rock Doves flying around the wheat silos and House Sparrows near the houses.

As we drove into the park we observed two Masked Lapwings feeding on the grassed area. Later I saw a fluffy baby being closely guarded by the observant parents. A lone Willie Wagtail was feeding on the grass around the lake while a single Great Cormorant sat resting on the bank.

Great Cormorant, Lameroo, South Australia

Great Cormorant, Lameroo, South Australia

Welcome Swallows swooped over the lake as we ate our lunch. We tried to ignore the gathering company of non-Australian ducks at our feet; they were getting none of our lunch. They included a motley assembly of various domestic breeds of ducks; at least one of them was a male Mallard. I saw several Red Wattlebirds and heard a large flock of Weebills feeding in the tree near our picnic site. Several Australian Magpie Larks searched the water’s edge for their lunch and I heard a Grey Shrike-thrush and a Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater off in the distance. A small flock of Galahs flew overhead as we left. A Singing Honeyeater perched atop a nearby tree and watched us as we packed things back in the car.

I tried to get a photo of a Black-backed Magpie, but the ducks chased it off before I could focus.

It was a lovely start to our holiday trip. More tomorrow.


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