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Colombian National Bird

This blog is about Australian Birds found in the natural environment. You wouldn’t believe the number of requests I get for advice on how to look after birds, and about caring for caged birds.

But I digress.

At the moment my family is focused very much on the South American country of Colombia.  This is because our son and daughter in law are there to meet their Columbian son whom they are adopting. It is an exciting time for us; our first grand child.

Yesterday, when looking for something else – as you do – I found a reference to the Colombian National Bird. I didn’t realise that the Andean Condor was their national bird. Good choice – such a magnificent bird and truly one that is worthy of national bird status.

The bird also features on the Coat of Arms of Colombia.

I and the Bird #100

The very popular bird carnival I and the Bird has reached a very significant milestone – its 100th edition. I was too busy to add a contribution this time around.

Not to worry – about 80 other blogging birders – or should that be birding bloggers – whatever – have contributed to this round of the carnival. That makes plenty of links to interesting articles about, and photos of, birds from all over the world.

Link: I and the Bird #100

New Holland Honeyeater

New Holland Honeyeater

Meanwhile, back home here I recently took this photo of a New Holland Honeyeater taking advantage of the last rays of the sun one evening. This photo has nothing to do with I and the Bird.

Good bird photos

Photography seems to run in the family.  My wife takes photos of plants and flowers, I take photos of scenery, birds, animals and flowers, my daughter takes photos of people and places and my son takes photos of scenery, buildings, animals and now has a growing interest in birds.

In recent times he has added some interesting new equipment to his camera gear.  This has enabled him to take some great photos. Here are some links to some recent great shots.

  • Munro Park – including shots of a White-faced Heron catching a fish.
  • Taronga Park Zoo – including a wonderful photo of a Red-tailed Black Cockatoo.
  • Lane Cove National Park for lunch – this features an amazing photo of a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo and another of the back of my head (not together).

My bird photos go near and far

It always amazes me how far reaching my blog ventures in the Big World out there. Last time I checked I have readers from over 120 countries. That’s impressive, and not  little humbling.

I also get many requests regarding birds and birding, including:

  • help with identifying birds
  • care of injured or orphaned birds
  • where to see birds
  • guest speaking engagements (I’ll go anywhere – just provide the airline ticket please; I have a current passport)
  • requests to use my photos

The last one is interesting. I’ve have many requests for the use of my photos, including:

  • illustrations for school projects
  • features in newspapers
  • use in magazines
  • illustration in pamphlets and posters

And now I’ve been asked if a publisher of children’s books in LITHUANIA can use the photo below of an Australian Magpie in a children’s book about magpies of the world. (Note: this species is not a true magpie).

Amazing where my photos find themselves!

Australian Magpie

Australian Magpie

Silver membership of Birds SA

I received in the mail yesterday a Silver Membership Certificate from Birds SA (South Australia). This was in recognition of 30+ years of  membership. I actually joined on the 31st March 1978, so it is actually 31 years and a little bit.

Nice to be recognised in this way.