My bird photos go near and far

It always amazes me how far reaching my blog ventures in the Big World out there. Last time I checked I have readers from over 120 countries. That’s impressive, and not  little humbling.

I also get many requests regarding birds and birding, including:

  • help with identifying birds
  • care of injured or orphaned birds
  • where to see birds
  • guest speaking engagements (I’ll go anywhere – just provide the airline ticket please; I have a current passport)
  • requests to use my photos

The last one is interesting. I’ve have many requests for the use of my photos, including:

  • illustrations for school projects
  • features in newspapers
  • use in magazines
  • illustration in pamphlets and posters

And now I’ve been asked if a publisher of children’s books in LITHUANIA can use the photo below of an Australian Magpie in a children’s book about magpies of the world. (Note: this species is not a true magpie).

Amazing where my photos find themselves!

Australian Magpie

Australian Magpie


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