A flying visit from a Budgerigar


I has been quite a while since my last post here, and I certainly haven’t posted much in recent months. I’ve been very busy completing my thesis paper for my Master of Arts (Creative Writing). That’s now done and dusted, printed and bound and sent off to the examiners. You can read all about the journey – and how I went about writing my children’s novel here.

The week before last I took a short break from my writing and sat outside with a refreshing coffee. I needed to clear my head from all that editing, proofreading and rewriting on my book. I’d only just sat down and a brilliant flash of green landed in a tree in our back garden, just a few metres from where I sat enjoying my cuppa.

A solitary Budgerigar parrot had come to visit. Over 26 years living in the same house, this was only the second time we’d had a wild budgie in our garden. They are far more common much further north than where we live. Sadly, it was but a flying visit. It gave a couple of hearty chirps and flew off. It hasn’t been back.

There is some chance that it could have been an escaped bird from someone’s aviary; this species is commonly kept as a pet. It’s behaviour suggested otherwise – it was very nervous and flew off quickly, even when I whistled to attract its attention. Still, a flying visit is better than no visit at all.

And it’s certainly better than missing it completely while stuck in front of my computer.

Good birding.

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