A Panic of Pigeons

Winter has hit with a vengeance here in Murray Bridge South Australia. Last week we had a series of severe frosts. Normally I wouldn’t mind; I’d just snuggle into my nice warm bed for a little longer. I didn’t have that luxury last week as I needed to be up well before dawn for work. I temporarily went back to full time work as a relief driver for a friend who runs a courier business; he needed a holiday.

On my rounds around the town delivering parcels I am able to observe various birds as I drive, mainly on the power lines along the streets. Last week I noted quite a few Crested Pigeons sitting in rows on the power lines. Sometimes these loose groups of pigeons numbered twenty or more.

Now this week the frosts have given way to bitterly cold winds from the south with occasional scudding showers. We need another good soaking rain again like we had a few weeks ago, not just a few showers. A few days ago I was out getting in some more firewood to keep us warm while I write. A sudden noise attracted my attention; about forty Crested Pigeons were flying at great speed just overhead.

They seemed to be in panic mode.

I’m not surprised; a few seconds later a Little Eagle lazily glided overhead.

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