A parrot flyover

It is my habit to go for a walk every day. In reality, it is a habit more on the wish-list than in reality. I need to do it for general fitness, well being and just plain sanity. Sitting at a keyboard writing all day is not the smooth path to a healthy life. But I try.

A wonderful bonus to getting out for a walk is seeing numerous birds as I walk. Sometimes I even take some note paper with and jot down what I see. Very rarely do I take a camera with me which is a pity. I’ve missed some wonderful photos that way.

Take this evening, for example. The call of the locally common Red-rumped Parrot is quite distinctive. I heard them coming. Lots of them. Next thing about 30 flew low overhead, some of them alighting in the top branches of nearby tree in full, late afternoon sunlight. Would have made a lovely photo. Never mind; some other day – perhaps.

In the meantime, my readers will have to make do with two photos I prepared earlier.

Red-rumped parrot (male)

Red-rumped Parrots, Euston, NSW


2 Responses to “A parrot flyover”

  1. Louise says:

    They’re great photos, no need to apologise. Such gorgeous colours.

    • Trevor says:

      Thanks Louise. I needed that encouragement. Haven’t had much chance to get out birding – or taking photographs – for quite some time – so I made time this week. Got some great shots to share here over coming days. Must also get back to sharing the great photos taken over in Ethiopia, Morocco and Spain earlier this year. Might also get some good ones in a few week’s time when we drive over to Sydney to play with our grandies for a few days. Also had the delight of being interviewed by a local journalist yesterday – the article about birding should appear in the local paper next week.

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