A photographic study of Silver Gulls part 8

Silver Gull, Victor Harbor, South Australia

Silver Gull, Victor Harbor, South Australia

Over the last week I shown a series of photos of Silver Gulls. This is the last in that series. For the photographer gulls are often a very good subject for learning the skills of bird photography. Gulls are often quite confiding; you just have to produce some food – like chips – and you will soon have more subjects for your camera lens than you can cope with. On this occasion I didn’t need any food. I didn’t want large numbers of gulls. They were content to stay just a few metres away and let me snap away happily.

As with all photography, shooting birds requires appropriate lighting conditions. It was late afternoon – about an hour before sunset. The sun was almost directly behind me which was good – apart from needing to watch where my shadow fell.

Overall, I am very pleased with the result. I’m still trying to get that elusive stunning shot of a gull in flight. Gulls are ideal subjects for that too. I’ll just need to be patient.

Silver Gull, Victor Harbor, South Australia

Silver Gull, Victor Harbor, South Australia


3 Responses to “A photographic study of Silver Gulls part 8”

  1. eugene says:

    Last night, I heard a 5 to 10 minute wave of a flock of gulls wailing. I was surprised to hear the wails as I don’t normally hear birds after sunset. Were the gulls hungry? Were they having a fight with another rival section of gulls? Do you know what could be the reason? Have you ever heard gulls wailing harshly at night?

  2. Trevor says:

    Sorry about the delay in replying Eugene.

    I’m not sure why the gulls were wailing at night. The only thing I can think of is that there was some sort of threat to them – a predator (an owl perhaps?) or some sort of intrusion such as a dog being walked or loose disturbing them.

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