A Quick Visit – Grey Fantail

A Grey Fantail paid us a quick visit yesterday.

I have been on the lookout for this over recent weeks. I even thought I heard one in the garden on several occasions, but every time I go out to check, it is nowhere to been seen. Yesterday was almost the same. I glimpsed it briefly in the garden through the lounge room door. By the time I’d gathered my camera, it had disappeared. The photo below was taken a few weeks ago at the Pangarinda Arboretum. It’s not a good photo as it doesn’t show its face. This should be a relatively easy bird to photograph, but I’ll have to be patient with this one.

Grey Fantail

Grey Fantail

Grey Fantails are reasonably common and widespread in the Murray Bridge area. They are also common and widespread throughout much of Australia. It always delights us when one or two come to visit our garden. Strangely, I have never recorded this species breeding in our garden. This is despite them being resident just up the road from us.

Its cousin, the Rufous Fantail would have to be one of my favourite Australian birds. Unfortunately, this species lives a long way from our home.


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