A slight distraction: Fork Tailed Swifts

I have been slightly distracted today. A series of thunderstorms and a cooler weather front have been moving through South Australia this morning. Yesterday we had a foul day; 40 degree heat with wild wind blowing dust from the dry north. Today is slightly better with cooler air forecast for later in the day.

The distraction comes from the possibility of seeing swifts. I have only ever seen swifts on a handful of occasions and only once here at home in Murray Bridge. The reason for my excitement is that there have been numerous reports of Fork Tailed Swifts over various suburbs of Adelaide, 80km to the west. The storm front is moving in our direction.

Swifts are often associated with and follow storm movements. There is usually greater insect activity at these times and that attracts the swifts. The first time I saw a group of Fork Tailed Swifts they were swooping low and fast over a pasture in the south east of South Australia. I was amazed at both their size (wingspan about 40cm) and their speed. They are indeed, swift.

The good news – the cooler air has arrived.

The bad news – no swift sightings yet.

Even worse news – only a few drops of rain.

The drought continues.


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