A very obliging bird is the Reedwarbler

Clamorous Reed-Warbler, Canberra

Clamorous Reed-Warbler, Canberra

2007 Australian Capital Territory trip report #5

In my experience the Clamorous Reedwarbler of Australia is not an easy bird to photograph. They tend to skulk around in the reeds on the edges of lakes, creeks, rivers, swamps and ponds. My usual experience with this species is to see them dart rapidly from one clump of reeds to another. When they do show themselves in the open, the pose is kept for about two seconds – if you are lucky.

I had previously obtained a really nice shot of this species at the Cleland Wildlife Park near Adelaide. That shot was of a captive bird in a walk-through aviary. It was used to hundreds of people within a metre or two every day of the year.

While we were enjoying an ice cream during our visit to Floriade 2007 in Canberra I heard a reedwarbler in the reeds nearby. I casually walked to the water’s edge, prepared the camera and waited about ten seconds. Out popped the bird, posed long enough for me to focus and then flew off.

I guess he was a little cheesed off with everyone taking thousands of photos of flowers.

He just wanted his moment of glory too.

Now if only I could get a photo of another secretive reed-dwelling bird, the Little Grassbird.

Floriade 2007, Canberra

Floriade 2007, Canberra


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