Amusing bird antics

I subscribe to several birding forums. As a result I receive daily emails from birders all over the world. Some of these are quite amusing. Birds do like having fun, it seems. Here is one classic example.

I reckon I once observed a Red Wattlebird being a show-off (of precision acrobatic flying) and exhibiting a sense of humour.

One day, years ago, I had brought my chooks around to the front yard, then I still had a lawn before my native trees grew, for some fresh grass. My rooster, Mucky, (now a 10yo veteran) is a Silver Spangled Hamburg X (for those of you who know your chooks!). A very handsome, gentle, caring and genteel rooster.

On this occasion a Red Wattlebird flew across the front yard and BETWEEN Mucky’s legs. While the poor rooster was trying to come to terms with what unknown indignity had just befallen him, the wattlebird turned and repeated the process from the opposite direction, leaving a rather confused, shaken and disconcerted rooster in its wake.

And an amazed and amused human bystander I could almost imagine the Red Wattlebird having a chuckle in a nearby bush. Sometimes a bird just wants to have fun!

Thanks to Wendy for this observation.

I’d like to hear from my readers about amusing incidents they have had with birds. I invite you to leave your comments below the photo.

Red Wattlebird

Red Wattlebird


2 Responses to “Amusing bird antics”

  1. One of my faviorutie things to watch is Charlie (my honeyeater) getting some silent revenge on the two, much larger and more aggressive cockatiels who also live in my house. They occasionally chase him or snap at him so when he’s in the mood, he so silently flies up behind them when they’re all fluffy and sleeping, heads tucked in, etc, smug as can be, and then Charlie (he’s marvellous at being able to hover in space, like a hummingbird) zooms up behind one of them and yanks a tail feather, then zips off at lightening speed (his sense of direction, reflex and response, as well as speed, is extraordinary) . They squawk and look around, but by then Charlie is long gone and they fluff up all indignant and annoyed.

    Watching birds is so funny and cheering to my day. Their unexpected antics and activities could keep me amused all day, and sometimes working or writing is a challenge when I just been want to sit and observe them. I guess that’s why birds end up in my novels…

    Thank you


  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks for the amusing comments Kirsty. They must be terribly distracting. We have several bird baths just outside where we eat. The passing parade of bird – especially in all of the hot weather we have been having – is a wonderful waste of time. Very entertaining and very relaxing.

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