Another new bird for my district list

I received a tip off from a fellow birder that a bird I hadn’t seen for some time had been seen in the local wetlands just five minutes drive from home. I had some business to attend to in the business section of town so I took the opportunity to do some birding on my way home.

I written before about the Rocky Gully Wetlands area here in Murray Bridge in South Australia. It is usually a fruitful place to stop for a few minutes just to see what is around. I was not disappointed. IN about thirty minutes of birding I managed to list 27 species, including Common Sandpiper, a new bird for my Murray Bridge and district list. I have seen it elsewhere but this was a first her for me. I forgot to take the camera, but I don;t think I would have been able to approach close enough anyway.

Other notable sighting included good views of Superb Blue Wrens, about a dozen Black Winged Stilts and some fine Chestnut Teals. I also had excellent views from the bird hide of two Nankeen Kestrels sitting on a sign. One was obviously a juvenile for it kept begging food from the other. The adult bird flew off for a few minutes and returned with what looked like a mouse. It then proceeded to feed the young one.

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