Another Osprey

Osprey at Inneston, Yorke Peninsula

Yesterday I wrote about seeing two Ospreys soaring over the beach and headland at Marion Bay. This lovely species is one I’ve not seen many times before. This merely reflects the fact I’ve not done enough birding in their preferred habitats: shorelines, estuaries, rivers and lakes.

I short time after seeing the first two I saw another one, this time flying overland at the historic township of Inneston. To see one is good; to see three in a couple of hours was a real buzz, and a highlight of the weekend.

Inneston is now a deserted town. In the early twentieth century is was a bustling mining town with several hundred residents. The nearby lakes were mined for gypsum. When the mine closed the town quickly died. About five of the original homes have been restored and are now used as accommodation by visitors to the Innes National Park.

Lake Inneston, Yorke Peninsula


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