Apostlebirds near Peterborough

Apostlebird, Cocoparra National Park

Apostlebird, Cocoparra National Park

Last Saturday we were travelling from Murray Bridge to Peterborough in the mid north of South Australia. We were visiting relatives for a Christmas get together. As we were approaching Peterborough on the road from the small township of Terowie, I saw three Apostlebirds on the side of the road. This was near the entrance gate to the only farmhouse along this road.

Apostlebirds are widespread throughout large parts of Australia and are very common in some areas. Here in South Australia however, I only occasionally come across them. This sighting is nearing the south eastern extension of their range. A small population of about twenty are resident within the town of Peterborough, about ten kilometres from my sighting. I’ve also recorded them in the Dawson area, some 20 kilometres to the north east of Peterborough.

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3 Responses to “Apostlebirds near Peterborough”

  1. craig fielding says:

    there are heaps of the buggers here

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi Craig,

    I know that they are quite common in that area – but they are rare in most other parts of South Australia. Strange that they haven’t expanded their range further south west as there is much suitable habitat in other parts of the state.

    My sister in law keeps me informed about them in Peterborough.

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