Artist moved by flamingo’s plight

I recently had a media release from an Australian artist concerned about the plight of the flamingo that was recently bashed at the Adelaide Zoo. Here is what he said:

Artist moved by flamingo’s plight
Australian artist auctions work for bashed bird

In an effort to raise money and awareness for the half-blind, 70-something-year-old greater flamingo that was attacked at Adelaide Zoo at the end of last month, Australian artist Patrick Christie is auctioning the number one print of his most recent work, PINK. Christie’s hand-embossed, limited-edition giclee print features three flamingos.

All proceeds from the auction will go to Adelaide Zoo to benefit the greater flamingo in its recovery and care. Those wishing to bid on the unframed H75cmxH50cm pen and ink on paper print can do so on eBay from 12noon AEST on Friday 14 November 2008. The auction closes 10 days later. The numbered print is hand embossed, signed, and finished with an original detail of a hand drawn flamingo by the artist. Bidders can now view the print on the artist’s website at until the end of the auction period.

The attack on Greater 1, as the flamingo is known, occurred on the afternoon of 29 October and nearly killed the bird, according to its handlers. Four youths, aged 17 to 19, were later charged with animal cruelty and remanded to appear in court. Greater 1 suffered serious injury to the beak and head, causing blood to seep into his airway, as well as concussion.

Christie was putting final touches on PINK, his pen and ink drawing of three flamingos, when he heard the first report of the attack on Greater 1. He felt moved to take action to help the bird and raise awareness about responsible interactions with animals.

“The needless pain and grief suffered by Greater 1, and those animals and carers close to him, is very disheartening. As citizens of our natural world, we all have the duty to ensure we interact with every animal in an appropriate and responsible manner. It’s about respecting life. Teaching children to handle all animals with care. Gently stepping in when we see or hear of any animal being mistreated,” said Christie.

Greater 1, the flamingo, continues his rehabilitation at Adelaide Zoo.

“Greater 1 is on the road to recovery,” said Adelaide Zoo CEO Dr Chris West. “Initially losing weight and not eating, the keepers at Adelaide Zoo closely monitored him, concerned with his loss of weight. Over the last few days he has started to eat regularly, again preening himself and appearing comfortable back in his home with his friend the Chilean Flamingo,” said Dr West.

Media Enquiries:

Christopher Totten
Patrick Christie Ink
Communications Manager
Mobile: 0405 990 646

The auction on Ebay is underway with some very generous bids so far. If you wish to bid on this auction please go to the relevant web page. You have until 24th November 2008.

UPDATE: The auction has now finished.


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