Australian Magpie, Tintinara

Australian Magpie, Tintinara, SE South Australia

Australian Magpie, Tintinara, SE South Australia

I seem to have plenty of photos of Australian Magpies in my collection. This includes several shots of different races of this species. On my recent visit to Tintinara in the SE of South Australia I couldn’t resist adding to my collection.

I was having a short break, enjoying a cuppa in the shade. The temperature was already climbing and it was only mid morning. This magpie, along with several others, came up to me at the picnic table where I was enjoying my cuppa. I guess it was expecting a tasty morsel from me. Many travellers passing through would stop in Tintinara for a meal or a break and many of them would feed the local magpies.

When nothing was forthcoming from me the magpies continued foraging in the grassed area near the picnic tables.


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