Australian Owlet-nightjar

Australian Owlet-nightjar

Australian Owlet-nightjar

One of the endearing little birds we have frequenting our garden is the Australian Owlet-nightjar, a small nocturnal bird more often heard than seen. Last night around midnight I was checking my emails because we had been in Adelaide shopping all afternoon and at a dinner in the evening. The house was quiet with no television or music.

From just outside my office I heard this small owl-like bird calling several times. Normally the sounds of the television would drown out its call.

Last year we had one roosting during the day time in a hollow limb of a tree near our house. It would come out most days about mid-morning to sun itself in the opening of the hollow. It would call several times before retreating back into the hollow. This daily habit enabled me to eventually get a reasonable but not brilliant photo.

It is nice to know it is still around.

Good birding.


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