Bar-shouldered Dove, Adelaide Zoo aviary

Bar-shouldered Dove, Adelaide Zoo walk-through aviary

The Bar-shouldered Dove is found in eastern and northern Australia. It’s preferred habitats include vegetation near to water, scrubland in sub-topical areas, woodlands, well-treed parks and gardens, along creeks and waterways, gullies, mangroves, swamps and plantations.

Like many doves and pigeons, its nest is a flimsy platform of a few sticks, twigs and grass. It breeds in the months of February to April in the northern parts of its range, and from September to January in the southern parts. It usually lays two eggs.

I’ve only had the delight of seeing this species on one occasion in its natural habitat, and that was many years ago. I was therefore delighted to be able to see it and photograph it in a walk-through aviary at the Adelaide Zoo recently.

Bar-shouldered Dove, Adelaide Zoo, South Australia


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  1. These photos are really amazing, I love animals, I think Australia has wide varieties of wild animals and birds.

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