Barn Owl

Last night we were invited to dinner at our friends’ home. They had a lovely outdoor fire going and we sat around eating and talking until quite late. On our way home we saw a Barn Owl fly off from the side of the road.

Now this in itself is not all that notable, because this species is widespread throughout many parts of rural Australia. What is notable, however, is the fact that I have not recorded this species near or at home for several years, despite being widespread and relatively common.

It was a lovely finish to a special evening.


2 Responses to “Barn Owl”

  1. Peter Hume says:

    I live on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia
    and have a breeding pair of Screeching Owls living wild, yet as permanant residents at my place, they like the big old pine trees next to my place.
    They are great to have around and almost seem to enjoy our company as well.They make a appearance every night, especially now they have offspring.

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there Peter,

    Thanks for visiting my birding blog, and for leaving a comment about the birds in your part of the world. We only occasionally have them around here and don’t often hear them. It must be great to have them there all the time.

    Sorry for the big delay in replying to your comments – it was about the time I was in hospital, then my wife was in hospital, then I was in bed with the flu for several weeks. Much better now so I’m trying to catch up with comments and questions from that period.

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