Bird photography runs in the family

It seems that the love of bird photography runs in the family.

My son has some new photographic gear that he loves using. On a recent visit home he proudly showed me his new equipment: a Canon EOS 40D digital SLR.

Nice camera – bit on the heavy side for my liking, but one can really get into the photo game with gear like that.

Anyway, Simon has been posting a few of his bird photos on his blog. Here are some recent posts that include bird shots:

And here is where I wrote about my camera and bird photography:


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  1. hi Trevor,

    I would like to think that our children’s upbringing has an influence along these lines. I am currently attempting to instill respect for, and interest in, wildlife, plants and invertebrates with my grandchildren. I feel I am making a positive difference that hopefully will be rewarding for the children, both now and as they grow.

    Simon has some excellent bird photos.


  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks Gaye. I how always found it interesting how much our children picked up by osmosis. We didn’t deliberately set out to teach then environmental awareness when they were little (despite both of us being teachers). But then they didn’t really have much choice – the house was filled with books about birds, plants, animals etc and most holidays were spent camping in national parks and other suitable areas.

  3. Joy says:

    I was wondering what kind of camera has worked best for you. I am thinking about buying a camera for nature photos and did not know what kind to buy. If you could reply that would be great.
    Thanks, Joy

  4. Trevor says:

    Hi there Joy, welcome to my birding blog. Sorry about the delay in answering your question.

    I wrote about my camera in the following article:

    I’d also suggest that you do a search on photography sites. Here is a good Australian one to start with:

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