Bird Strikes on Windows

A major problem for many people is bird strikes on windows. Actually – it’s a bigger problem for the birds as it is a major contributor of death in birds. Large apartment and office buildings are a major hazard for birds, but the common or garden variety home can also be a source of danger for our birds.

Every few weeks we are aware of another unfortunate bird crashing into one of our windows. Here is a photo of one New Holland Honeyeater who was only stunned by its encounter with one of our windows. After sitting stunned for a few minutes it flew off happily – well, perhaps with a bit of a head ache.

New Holland Honeyeater

New Holland Honeyeater

I came across a web site recently that gives a range of ideas for preventing bird strikes on windows. I’m not sure if any of these actually work, but they are worth a try. If they only save the occasional bird it is worth pursuing.

Disclaimer: The site is a commercial site and I have no financial interests in the products, nor have I tried any of them.


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