Bird Wars – Magpies v Falcon

A few days ago I was out in our garden. Whenever I’m out there my ears and eyes are on the alert for anything happening in the bird world.

I was suddenly aware of a Crested Pigeon flying at full speed from the direction of the main road past our five acre block. The pigeon seemed in a great hurry – in fact, it seemed terrified. And with good reason.

A Brown Falcon had been following it, obviously thinking that lunch was an easy grab. It had another think coming.

The resident male Australian Magpie had other ideas and swooped aggressively on the now harassed falcon, turning the aggressor into the victim. The Magpie kept on attacking the falcon – from a safe distance of a few metres – until it was well and truly off the property, and presumably out of the Magpie’s territory.

The Crested Pigeon was seen no more as it made its escape over the other side of the house where I lost sight of it.

And the Magpie saved its two babies in the nest nearby.

My advice to all my readers: keep a sharp eye on the behaviour of the birds in your part of the world. You never know when something dramatic will happen.


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  1. Dianne MacKay says:

    I was sitting outside when one of my mapgies came in for a treat. Shortly after, it’s buddy let out an alert call from the other side of the yard. My magpie immediately flew to the branch of my nearby pine tree, unaware, as was I, that a Falcon was sitting a few branches higher. The Falcon immediately flew down to the branch right above the Magpie as the birds were all screaming out their alerts. The Falcon dived down the last branch, grasping my Magpie in it’s claws and then flying off with her through my yard. Another Magpie chased after him. I’m unsure if she managed to escape but I wonder if she did as I saw a Falcon flying back overhead, circling the house with empty claws. Either that or the Falcon had it’s mate hunting with him.

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