Bird Words: bird watcher, birder, birding

Today’s word is not just one word, but three words. This is because they are all very similar.

  • Bird watcher: a birder, someone who watches birds as a hobby.
  • Birder: a bird watcher, a person who enjoys watching and studying birds.
  • Birding: the hobby of watching and studying birds
Typical Pose of Husband

Typical Pose of Husband

This is a photo of a dedicated birder in action.

I didn’t realise at the time that my wife had taken this shot of me.

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One Response to “Bird Words: bird watcher, birder, birding”

  1. Birding says:

    These terms often are used interchangeably and in combination with one another. We are happy to say that over many ways, we are all three. Some days bird watching is just our hobby. Most often though, we can look back over the years that we have enjoyed birding and relish in all that we have learned and truly appreciate this wonderful hobby/pasttime/rewarding endeavor and know that there is always more to learn. Thank you for jogging our thought process.

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