Bird Word: Ornithologist

Ornithologist: another name for a birder or bird watcher, but usually someone who takes their interest very seriously. Those who study birds as part of their work are best called ornithologists.

I regard myself as a birder primarily. I watch birds. I photograph birds. I write about birds (on this blog). I talk (as a guest speaker) about birds. I read about birds. People come to me with their bird questions in person, on the phone, by email or through asking questions on this blog. I answer as best I can, knowing that I am still very much an amateur and learning all the time.

At times, however, I am at best described as an amateur ornithologist. I do not get paid for watching or studying birds but I do take some activities very seriously. For example, I have collected data for three bird Atlases over the last three decades. The data collected has been published and is a valuable part of our knowledge of the birds of Australia.

A special offer you can’t refuse:

Anyone living within a few hours’ drive of Murray Bridge, South Australia, who would like a guest speaker on birds, please contact me via the contact form. I am willing to speak at schools, clubs, churches and any other organization.

And if you provide the ticket, I’ll even fly interstate!

And overseas!

Happy birding.


4 Responses to “Bird Word: Ornithologist”

  1. John Tongue says:

    Or I’m happy to return the favour!

    John Tongue
    Ulverstone, Tasmania

  2. Veery says:

    What a great definition for one of my favorite words. None of us Birdfreaks get paid either, though we have high hopes of making bird studies a career. I look forward to your Bird Words!

  3. Trevor says:

    Thanks John. Look forward to linking up with you when I next visit Tassie – actually when we get around to it that will be our first visit there – probably 40 years overdue!

  4. Trevor says:

    Thanks for your kind words again Veery. With my blog I am trying to make my birding hobby into a paying writing job. So far the rewards have been very modest but improving each month.

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