Birder creates a stink

What is it with birders (bird watchers)???

Sean Dooley, that amazing Australian birder who recently published his book The Big Twitch has done it again. This time he has birders all over Australia in a tizz.

He has asked via Birding-Aus (a mailing list) to list their favourite Sewage Treatment Plant! Apparently he is writing an article on the topic. As you do.

Actually, many birders are attracted to Sewage Farms. That statement needs some explanation. You see, birds are VERY attracted to these places. Highly desirable addresses – for birds that is. Birders naturally follow good birding sites, hence the connection. To the dedicated birder, sewage plants are heaven scent. (I wonder how many marriage or relationships have been destroyed in this pursuit???)

Personally, I can only recall ever visiting one such place, in the Clare Valley in the mid-north of South Australia. Haven’t been there for at least 25 years. Must check it out when we go to visit our daughter in a few weeks because it’s only several hundred metres from her place.


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