Birding around Mannum, South Australia

Murray River at Mannum, South Australia

The Murray River town of Mannum is just over an hour’s drive from Adelaide and about 20 minutes from home here in Murray Bridge. It is a relaxing riverside town still basking in its long and colourful history, especially its heyday as a river port in the paddle steamer era of the 1800s. It is still a popular boating area, though the vessels are a little faster these days – except the many houseboats which glide gracefully along the wide expanse of water.

We don’t get to Mannum often enough despite its proximity to our home. A few weeks ago I had a speaking engagement in one of the local churches. After lunch I did a few hours of birding along the river. It was a calm, sunny spring day, ideal for a spot of birding. I crossed over the river on the ferry and stopped on the bank opposite the town and just south of the ferry crossing. I went for a walk along the levee bank heading downstream.

Despite being mid afternoon the birds were extremely cooperative and I managed a good list with the bonus of a few good photos as well. One species hard to get posing in good light and close enough was the Red-rumped Parrots. A small flock of about 10 individuals was feeding on the grass near the walking track. eventually I managed one reasonable shot – and plenty of not-for-showing-here kind of shots.

You have days like that.

Male Red-rumped Parrot, Mannum


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