Birding Blogs

The world of birds and birding is a fascinating one. The more I search on the internet the more wonderful web sites I find to look at. There are some impressive sites around, many with some excellent photos of birds. I have listed some of these sites on my links page.

Birding Blogs

There is a growing trend in birding circles to write blogs about one’s birding observations, blogs like this one. Many of them make very interesting reading and some entice one to return often. These are usually very well written and include beautiful photography. Surprisingly, my research has found that very few Australians have so far taken up the challenge to blog their observations. Am I at the vanguard of a movement?

Resource List

For those interested in the world of birding blogs a very comprehensive but far from exhaustive list of some blogs has been compiled by Charlie Moore whose blog is found here. Charlie has an enviable job for a birder; he is part of the Cabin Crew for British Airways and as such flies all over the world which gives him excellent opportunities to go birding in some exotic and wonderful places. “Sleep can wait – I’m going birding” seems to be his motto when jet lag beckons to bring him down.

The resource list he has compiled is found here. Note that this is on another web site and not part of his personal blog. I feel quite honoured to be featured on this list of over 100 birding blogs from around the world. The only other Australian blog is Duncan’s Ben Cruachan Blog of sightings in the Gippsland area of Victoria.


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