Birding Bloopers #19

Over the last few weeks I have featured many birding bloopers courtesy of the contributors to the Birding-Aus forum. All that I have approached have agreed for me to publish their mistakes in identification here on my blog.

Here is the latest contribution:

I attended a field day in the WA wheatbelt a few years back where the principal researcher was explaining about water table monitoring and the use of piezometers (visible as white PVC pipes extending half a metre or so out of the ground).

He went on to say that the closest one was about 100m out into the paddock from where we were standing. I confirmed that I could just make it out, whereupon it immediately grew wings, turned into an egret and flew off over the hill.

Quickly, I pointed out that the bore I was referring to was way beyond the egret …….

Strange how a piece of PVC pipe can suddenly take to the wing. Still, stranger identifications have occurred, and will continue to be made by eager birders.

Thanks to Peter for permission to use this.

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