Birding bloopers #2

Yesterday I wrote about some of the mistakes I, and others have made trying to identify birds. Sometimes what we think is a bird is something else completely, something like a stone that looks like a bird at first glance. Other birders have similar experiences, I’m happy to report, like Steve admitted on BIRDCHAT:

The one blooper that my (non-birding) family will never let me forget: We were driving on the highway in the suburbs of Minneapolis, when I spotted a large bird perched on a fence post. My initial ID’s of some kind of hawk… no! an owl! … were met with prolonged laughter when we discovered a it was a cat sitting on top of the post. It is hard to travel that road with my family without them snickering, even now, years later. Birders are far more forgetful and forgiving.


Confusing a cat with an owl or hawk?

Even my identification skills are somewhat better than that.

And I know a good optometrist I could recommend to Steve.


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  1. Sim' says:

    Not really a blooper – but you should do a post about the infamous “Little Duck” incident !

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