Birding Bloopers #21

2007 New South Wales trip report #26

Middle Harbour, Sydney

Middle Harbour, Sydney

On our short rest at Middle Harbour in Sydney (see yesterday’s post) we were admiring all the boats and yachts tied at anchor. My son asked what kind of bird was sitting on a nearby boat. At first it looked like the back of a White-faced Heron, but something was not quite right.

I moved around the bay a little and as the boat swung around with the shifting breeze I managed several full-face photos. Something that looks a little like a Great Horned Owl is not an expected bird to see in Sydney. After several great shots I realised it was plastic. It was obviously placed there to scare away the gulls, but the evidence suggested it was not doing its job very well.

Bird scarer on a boat, Middle Harbour, Sydney

Bird scarer on a boat, Middle Harbour, Sydney

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3 Responses to “Birding Bloopers #21”

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  2. Tricia says:

    Good story Trevor. Yes those bird scarers don’t work hey? There is an owl at Point Cook Coastal Park hanging from “The Tower” neeless to say, it is covered in bird droppings.

  3. Trevor says:

    Thanks Tricia – the rest of the family had a good laugh at my expense too.

    Never mind – I can take it.

    [Goes to the corner, sits down, his quiet sobbing doesn’t disturb anyone. SIGH]

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