Birding Bloopers #7

Over recent days I have been featuring birding bloopers on this blog. These bloopers have been reported on the Birding-Aus forum and are used with permission from the authors. They are often hilarious and downright embarrassing.

This one comes from Dave:

I was on a BOCA outing to Cape Schank and saw the final part of a scuba diver disappear beneath the waves – and yelled out “Musk Duck”.

A few explanations are in order:

  • BOCA – Bird Observers Club of Australia, one of our largest birding groups.
  • Cape Schank is south of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula.
  • A musk duck has a large flipper-like tail that could appear to look like a scuba diver flipper as it dives under the water.

There you go Dave – fame at last!


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