Birding in Sri Lanka

I have never been birding in Sri Lanka but if I ever get the opportunity to go there, I will certainly take it.

In the meantime, I can still enjoy photos of the birds of that country by going to the birding blog of Amila Salgado. It’s called Gallicissa – a birder in an endemic hotspot. Amila has more than a passing interest in birds, he is also into bird photography, showing off many of his photos on his blog. As a bonus, he also features photos of frogs, insects and reptiles. It’s well worth a visit.



2 Responses to “Birding in Sri Lanka”

  1. Veery says:

    Trevor, thanks for the great link! I too, would love to bird in Sri Lanka, if given the opportunity. I am glad there is a birder writing about the area!

  2. Trevor says:

    My pleasure Veery. Not only is he a great birder and blogger, he is also a birding guide. Sounds so wonderful I’m very tempted to plan a stopover there on my way to Europe.

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