Birding interrupted

Blue tongue lizard

Blue tongue lizard

My son and I were relaxing on the back lawn on Christmas afternoon. We’d had a great family Christmas lunch and were enjoying the time to relax and just talk. Both of us had our cameras at arm’s length after taking plenty of shots of the festivities.

Everyone else had migrated indoors. With the children no longer causing plenty of noise the resident Blue Tongue Lizard decided to join us. Not exactly a top birding event but very satisfying nevertheless. The birds in my son’s garden were being uncooperative anyway, so the interruption was welcome.

Blue Tongue Lizard

Blue Tongue Lizard


2 Responses to “Birding interrupted”

  1. Louise says:

    I so remeebr blue tounges from when I wsa a child growing up on the frionges of Sydney! what a beauty! Iwish they’d come to my garden!

  2. Louise says:

    Oh what a silly response, I shouldn’t just type and assume all is fine typo crazy!

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