Birds Calling

Grevillea flowers

Grevillea flowers


This afternoon I helped my wife Corinne in her nursery for about three hours. This included taking about 60 photos of the flowers of plants in the stock plant area and some in the nursery itself. Most of these photos turned out really well. Corinne needs some of these photos for the coming plant sale in Adelaide at the end of the month.

Bird Calls

I also did some more tidying up and weeding in the nursery. While I was doing that I was aware of the bird life calling all around. The White Plumed Honeyeater was very prominent, calling loudly and persistently. Little Ravens often passed overhead, their mournful calls cannot be missed. At one point two of them were in a tree nearby calling in turn, like they were having a conversation. Red Wattlebirds and their harsh ‘kok-karock” calls interrupted the ravens’ talkfest.

Spotted Pardalote with nesting material in beak

Spotted Pardalote with nesting material in beak


In the moments of quietness after the departure of the noisy ravens the gentle Spotted Pardalotes’ contact calls filled the air around me as they searched the mallee trees for sustenance. The Striated Pardalotes seemed absent today; their far reaching call was noted yesterday. Perhaps they were just being discrete – or shy – today.

Grey Shrike Thrush

The sudden strident whistling of the Grey Shrike Thrush just above my head shattered my dreaming. Its strong melodious voice is far reaching in the mallee woodland around here; often it is the first bird I identify when out walking. Its call is hard to miss. A noisy cloud of pink Galahs squawks overhead, bringing a splash of colour to the drab grey sky. A Magpie adds to the chorus, chortling happily over near the shed.


My attention is drawn to a family of nine White Winged Choughs flying secretively and quietly through the garden. Normally their mournful calls can be heard from a distance. Their silence is puzzling.


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