Birds in Tasmania

I have yet to experience the delights of birding and travelling in Tasmania. From what I’ve seen through photos and television and magazine articles I’m sure I will enjoy the expereince when we get around to travelling further ‘down under’ in the land of Down Under (Australia).

In the meantime, I’ve discovered a wonderful blog on Tassie birds. I visit it often and have a link to the site. It is unusual as far as blogs go because it has at least five regular contributors. Its main strength is the photos. Many of these are quite stunning and most are very beautiful. I particularly like the action shots, a skill I have yet to master. The posting from this last Wednesday (21st June) shows several shots of a Wedge Tailed Eagle in flight. Awesome.

I only have one criticism of the site; any site with a black background plays havoc with my eyes and I have trouble reading it, especially for more than a few minutes. All the same, I often just visit to look at the photos.

To visit the site click here.


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