Birds in the heat

Thornbills and honeyeaters sheltering on a hot day

Thornbills and honeyeaters sheltering on a hot day

We are only half way through summer here in South Australia and already we’ve had some very hot days and several heatwaves. (In this part of the world a heatwave is considered to be five or more consecutive days of 35C (95F). ) During this last week we had several days where the maximum hovered around the 42 -45C mark (45C = 113F).

During our hot days, and especially during a heat wave, our native birds suffer terribly. Many beat a path frequently to the various bird baths we have in our garden. On a few occasions some of them have gathered near the windows where the cool air from our evaporative air conditioning leaves the house.

A few days ago I saw a different technique for keeping cool. The wind was blowing a gale from the north and the temperature reached 45.2C. A flock of 17 Yellow-rumped Thornbills, two Brown-headed Honeyeaters and a Willie Wagtail gathered on the leeward side of the house in the shade.  It seemed to do the trick on a very nasty day.


2 Responses to “Birds in the heat”

  1. Nicole says:

    Awww, poor things.
    But at least you are helping them with the bird baths!

  2. Trevor says:

    Providing water is a very good way of encouraging birds into one’s garden. The passing parade of birds coming in for a drink also gives us much pleasure – a “good” waste of time – right up there with taking time to “smell the roses.”

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