Birds of the Mangrove Boardwalk, St Kilda

On Saturday we had some business to attend to in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. After the business was dealt with we travelled the short distance to St Kilda. We had been intending to visit this area for many years and we were pleased to finally get there.

St Kilda Mangrove walk

St Kilda Mangrove walk

After lunch in the picnic ground near the excellent Adventure Playground we went on the Mangrove Boardwalk. This boardwalk was established nearly 20 years ago, so our visit was well and truly overdue.

Mangrove boardwalk St Kilda

Mangrove boardwalk St Kilda

The Interpretive Centre is an excellent resource for visitors to the area. Leaving the centre one is immediately in the mangrove forest. This area, along with the nearby Barker Inlet tidal flats, is an excellent birding area. Over 200 species have been recorded here but I only managed about 30 in the short time there.

In the mangroves I recorded several Willie Wagtails, several very vocal whistlers, probably Rufous Whistlers, Spotted Turtle Doves, Grey Fantails and one Grey Butcherbird was heard but not seen. Near the visitor centre I saw and heard many Fairy-Wrens, but none of them were coloured males. They were most likely to have been Superb Blue Wrens, though I checked them out carefully because the beautiful White-Winged Wren has been recorded near here, a species more common much further north.

Barker Inlet, St Kilda, near Adelaide

Barker Inlet, St Kilda, near Adelaide

On several occasions the boardwalk gives excellent views over the tidal flats of Barker Inlet. This is where the birding gets interesting. There seemed to be many hundreds of birds feeding or resting in the shallow water. Grey Teal were the most common bird present. Also present were Royal Spoonbills, White Ibis, Australian Pelicans, Great Egrets, Chestnut Breasted Shelducks, White-faced Herons, Black Swans and Sooty Oystercatchers. Far out over the deeper water I think I saw some Whiskered Terns.

This may have been our first visit to this area; it will not be our last.

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  1. Faith Cook says:

    Hi Trevor!

    I am preparing a discussion paper on shorebird management from the Barker Inlet, through St Kilda, to Port Wakefield. To do this, I am collecting data on the distribution of bird species in each habitat – Can you provide me with any information on what species you saw where during your visit to the Boardwalk – In particular, what did you see on the tidal flats?

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