Birds on golf courses

I don’t play much golf these days. I used to play socially quite often some years ago but not so much in recent years.

Golf courses in Australia are often excellent places to do some casual birding on the side. For example, our local golf course features many native Australian trees and bushes and these attract quite a range of native birds. This course also includes a number of water features as a part of the hazards players have to negotiate. These water features attract a variety of ducks and other water birds. The grassy fairways are favourite feeding spots of a number of species of birds. In some places it is far easier to hit a “birdie” of the feathered kind rather than of the golfing kind.

A golfing course in Sydney was in trouble last week when they had a massive problem with too many Australian Wood Ducks on their course. The ducks were allegedly causing massive damage to the fairways and greens, so the club gained permission to have a cull of the birds. This shooting did not go down well with some locals.

On a more positive note, one golf course in the Adelaide Hills here in South Australia has published a list of birds found on the course. The Mt Lofty Golf Course website features a list of birds that have been recorded there along with several fine photos of birds. They should be congratulated on this positive move. More golf courses could follow their fine example. So could local councils with their parks, gardens, ovals and reserves.


Masked Lapwings are a common species of bird found on many golf courses and parks throughout Australia. Watch out for them swooping when they are nesting.

Masked Lapwing

Masked Lapwing


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