Black Shouldered Kites Part 2

Just as soon as one makes a post something happens to change all that was said. Only a few hours after the original sighting of a Black Shouldered Kite – the first here at home for some time – another one comes gliding overhead while we were out in the plant nursery. It scattered the Common Starlings sitting on the dead branches of a tall mallee tree nearby and settled down to survey the scene. Of course, I didn’t have the camera with me. Would it stay in place while I went inside to get it?

As I crept towards the tree, camera at the ready, I was suddenly aware of another Black Shouldered Kite in the same tree. The New Holland Honeyeaters were going berserk, dive bombing them both. The second kite decided to retreat, hotly pursued by several honeyeaters. A Red Wattlebird flew in, perching nearby to oversee the bomb attacks. The original kite ducked as each bombing sortie flew by, calling feebly in protest.


While all this was happening, I was creeping closer and getting some quite good photos. On the downside I was literally on the downside; by the time I reached the tree I was virtually underneath the kite. Anyone want to see some good shots of the belly of a Black Shouldered Kite? To be fair, the bird in question was rather curious and turned his head to peer at me several times, long enough for more photos.

Perhaps I was too hasty in my previous posting. Are we seeing a resurgence of this species in our little part of the world?

Time will tell.


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