Black Swans at Rocky Gully Wetlands

I had some business to attend to in town this morning. On my way home I stopped at the Rocky Gully Wetlands. I often drive past this wetland area either going to or coming from the CBD of our town. As I pass the various stretches of water I carefully glance over to see if there is anything unusual about.

This morning I observed two Black Swans. I can’t recall ever seeing this species at this location before. They are present in the area but not numerous as they can be in some other parts of Australia. Of course I didn’t have my camera with me. The photo below was taken some time ago in a completely different location – the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens.

Black Swan, Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens

Black Swan, Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens

Other species seen included:

Black Winged Stilt, Pacific Black Duck, Grey Teal, Australian Pelican, Masked Lapwing, Eurasian Coot, Willie Wagtail and a male Superb Fairy Wren.

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