Boat trip on Lake Alexandrina

Australian Pelican soaring over Lake Alexandrina

Australian Pelican soaring over Lake Alexandrina

In my last post here I wrote about a recent boat trip on Lake Alexandrina just south of my home in Murray Bridge. While this boat trip was mainly recreational in purpose, I cannot help but notice birds along the way whether I am driving in a car, travelling on a bus or train, walking or boating.

While travelling at 40kph (25mph) across the water is not conducive to birding – the boat’s engine scares many birds away – some birds are obviously very used to speeding boats on this stretch of water. Silver Gulls followed the wake of the boat as shown in my last post, Australian Pelicans kept fishing less than 40 metres from our racing vessel, cormorants kept bobbing up out of the water here and there and flocks of ducks flew over the lake heading somewhere else to feed.

The photo above shows one of many navigation posts seen at intervals across the lake. The depth of the water varies from a few centimetres through to about 4 – 5 metres. Some sections are far too shallow for safe boating – as we found out later in the day. I deliberately captured both the pelican and two Little Black Cormorants in the photo. Little Black and Little Pied are the two dominant species of cormorant in the lakes and river system of the Lower Murray River.

The photo below shows a view of the lakeside town of Milang. I can thoroughly recommend the little bakery in town, and our friends tell us that the fish and chip shop is also worth patronising.

A view of Milang from the lake.

A view of Milang from the lake.


2 Responses to “Boat trip on Lake Alexandrina”

  1. Squizzy Taylor says:

    what the chance of the carvan being flooded out

    • Trevor says:

      Hi Squizzy,
      Sorry for the delay in replying – I have not been well recently after many weeks in hospital.
      By “carvan” I assume you mean the caravan park at Meningie. It is my understanding that only a part of the park was under water due to the recent flood but the park is now fully operational again.

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