Boobook Owl, Artarmon, Sydney

2007 New South Wales trip report #23

During our stay with our son and daughter-in-law in Artarmon (north Sydney) I didn’t do any intensive birding as such, except for several day walks. My son is sufficiently aware of the birding life around his place to recognise most of the common species and he often comments on changes to the birdlife, or some special sighting.

In the streets around his home the most common bird appears to be the Rainbow Lorikeet. A considerable number make a terrible noise every evening as they settle to roost in the foliage of several palm trees just up the road.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

Another common species throughout this area is the Noisy Miner. This species seems always to be in conflict with the local Pied Currawongs, Australian Ravens and the occasional Laughing Kookaburra who dares to wander into the garden.

Less common species in the immediate area include Australian Magpies, Magpie Larks, Welcome Swallows and Indian Mynas. On several occasions I saw small numbers of Galahs, but my son assures me that he does not see them very often around here.

Of particular delight was hearing a Southern Boobook owl calling outside our window late one night. My son has also had Tawny Frogmouths in the garden trees on a few occasions. He is very familiar with this species from home in Murray Bridge and also on many camping trips in South Australia.

I’m sorry I do not have a photo of the owl to show you. My bed was too comfortable.


4 Responses to “Boobook Owl, Artarmon, Sydney”

  1. Wow, what a great looking common bird! Stunning! I think the Laughing Kookaburra would by top on my list though.

    When you can be in bed listening to an owl- you know you are in a good place 🙂

  2. Trevor says:

    No matter how common they get in any locality, I still think that the Rainbow Lorikeet is a wonderful bird to see. Even better if I get a good photo!

  3. John Tongue says:

    Unfortunately, they’re becoming more common just here around Ulverstone, in northern Tasmania, Trevor. They are beautiful, but are not native to Tassie, and I fear populations here and in other parts of the state will get out of control, like in Perth, WA, and drive out the native hollow-nesters.

    We got some nice shots of a Powerful Owl not far from Artarmon, a few years back, and have some good shots of a Boobook on King Island, and a Masked Owl near Hobart. Owls are GREAT birds!

  4. Trevor says:

    Owls are certainly special birds to see and hear, I’d have to agree John.

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