Bush Stone-curlew, Adelaide Zoo

Bush Stone-curlew, Adelaide Zoo

One of the more interesting birds on display in the Adelaide Zoo here in South Australia is this Bush Stone-curlew.

Standing just over half a metre in height it is an imposing bird. This individual wanders around an open enclosure with Pelicans, a variety of ducks and some Cape Barren Geese. I am assuming it has had its wings clipped to keep it from flying off.

Although this species is widespread throughout a large range across Australia, I have yet to see this bird in its natural environment. It is mainly active at night and most observers’ encounters with the species would be only hearing its haunting, far-reaching “weer-loo” call at night.


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  1. CHARLES says:

    Just returned from Hamilton Island Queensland. Each evening we had two of these birds arrive on the lawn at our apartment. They would stay for several hours and did not seem too worried by people . Nice birds

    • Trevor says:

      Thanks for visiting my site Charles. They certainly are wonderful birds – how cool to have them visit every evening! I believe that on some of the Queensland Islands and even on the mainland, this species is common in large numbers. They are not particularly afraid of people in most situations, I understand.

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